The World in Decline

I didn’t enjoy the 50’s at the time. I was a teenager and at school for most of it. But if I compare it to today, I know which I prefer.

I had a difficult time with my parents. I never did any dishonourable thing whilst living at home, but my mother always thought the worst of me which things were completely untrue. I was kicked out of home at 18 years of age when none of my friends had left home. But getting a job at short notice was not a problem. My mother gave me 50c and told me to go to Melbourne and not to come back without a job. I was scared, nervous and dismayed that my mother cared so little for me. Luckily I did come back with a job, just for the asking. The first place I approached made a position for me. A couple of months later I was told to leave home.

Life was simple back then, even though you could be sacked for no reason given, another job was just around the corner. I managed for years without a car and telephone. I was 23 years old before I got my first landline and signed my first lease. There were no House Inspections back then and I completely redecorated an entire 3 bedroom apartment with very limited permission.

I was pretty much oblivious to politics. As long as I was receiving a pay packet every week and I could pay my rent, I was doing ok. I never saw a homeless person or someone begging and I had no idea that there was such a thing as the Dole. I have always been pretty good with money and I budget well. Perhaps they should make me Treasurer ha ha ha.

Today is a different story. I am now on the Age Pension. I could have been a millionaire, but I chose to ignore opportunities if I didn’t deem them ethical or pleasant. At 26 I bought my first house without any help from the government. I renovated it all by myself, except for new floorboards throughout. I kept it for 13 months during which time it was rented out and I went back overseas.

After 13 months I sold it for 100% profit. I could have made 200% if I had gone to auction. I was made an offer after only one day on the market and I accepted it. My dream was to be sole proprietor of several shops; which is what I chose. I never went bankrupt and I never starved.

Living on the Pension is life on the edge: Especially with this LNP Government in Australia who only have respect for the rich and have an appalling lack of empathy for anyone who is not. They slap themselves on the back repeatedly trying to convince the intellectually ignorant that they are doing such a great job at cleaning up Labor’s mess. Labor never left a mess. How can they have left a mess if the Treasurer was awarded for the best performance in the Industrial world? But MSM never pick them up for it. I don’t know if it is because they are not quick enough to realise what was actually said. Or they choose to ignore it as they are secretly on their side. Whatever reason, we have entered the World of Post Truth Age. For Australia Tony Abbott started it off, got away with it and now it’s become the norm. I guess another Tony, Tony Blair started it off in the UK with his weapons of mass destruction lie. And now as of today, January 1st 2017 the US has Donald Trump.

If the media do not pull these liars up, call them out, who will? We can all scream on social media, but it makes little difference. Who was it who said that Twitter was mob mentality and not to take any notice? I despise being called part of a mob. I am a clear thinking individual who knows what is going on and does not like it.

Every direction I look there is trouble. I look to the south and ice caps are melting. The ocean is littered with rubbish, none of which was put there by me. I look to the north and I see trouble in Indonesia, The Philippines, Papua New Guinea, West Papua, Timor Leste. Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, all of the Arab States. Most of Africa to the west, most of south America. The USA, once Trump throws his weight around. And then there is Europe. Everything is not fine there either. Democratic countries are leaning to the Right. Why? Because the Left leaning governments have been thwarted by Multi Nationals and Right leaning politicians in league with the multinationals. The democratic System is not conducive to wise thinking and wise governing of any country. I am appalled to watch Parliament devolve into a slanging match. The thing is, if one party does it and the other doesn’t as in Julia Gillard’s case, they are deemed weak at best and useless at worst. That’s why Julia Gillard gave her misogyny speech. It went a long way to telling Tony Abbott that his behaviour was no longer tolerated. I wish Julia Gillard would come back. Now that people have woken up that the party they elected is doing a rotten job and that she was really brilliant under very trying circumstances; they may well acknowledge and admire her style of leadership after this miserable lot we have to contend with now. Name me a country who thinks their country is doing brilliantly. If you say China and Russia, you would be wrong. Only the governing/ruling Party thinks that is so. Both countries are having problems. Both countries are ambitious and the rest of the world waits to see what will happen when Trump is President. I’m not expecting great things that will benefit me and my fellow Australians in any way. Let’s hope that I am completely wrong and world peace is knocking on our door.

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Dodging Land Mines

I spend a fair amount of time online, much of it on Facebook. I only accept people as Friends with many things in common. They need to be on the same page, so that I can at least relate to them. It is absolutely no use my Friending someone who supports the Libs or The Nationals in Australia, which is where I live. I will not see eye to eye with anything they post, not politically nor socially, especially if they are Catholic. I hear atheists saying that they don’t have anything against religion; it’s just not for them. This is not so for me and I am NOT an atheist.


As a non-Christian Gnostic, (merely meaning I have certain knowledge that is not widely known). I have acquired this in The Great Halls of Learning on the Astral Plane. If a Christian knew what I know, they would no longer want to be a Christian or religious. No matter which way you look at all religions, they are all basically nonsense. The only semi positive that can come out of religion is community. However you do not need religion to form a community and a religious community is far from ideal.


Let’s talk about ideal. From a reasonable and logical point of view, ideal is always positive, truthful and pleasurable. The most ideal will also be spiritual, though not of the religious kind of course. Ideal can never entail the killing, harming or degrading of a fellow human being, except in self-defence. Cruelty under any circumstance is not ideal. It is the exact opposite.


There is no ‘belief’ system in Gnosticism. It is all knowledge. Of course I may use the term “I believe….” As I would if I said, “I believe that it’s going to rain tomorrow because I watched the weather forecast a few minutes ago.” I have given the reason for my belief. Christians do not give a valid reason for their beliefs. The entire Christian religion is based on a ‘belief system’. There is absolutely no proof of truth connected to anything in the bible. There is no actual proof of Jesus’ existence. It is quite possible he or someone like him existed and that some of the history related in the bible really did happen; but that is no substance to found a religion on.


For a religion to be valid, it must be perfection incarnate in all its adherents. It HAS to be founded on truth; not fantasy and fiction. Proselytizers must be of the highest character and integrity. Of course they can’t be paedophiles, cheats or criminals. If there is one such deranged character allowed to proselytize a religion, that entire religion is and must be discredited. Hanging on to power in High places, living in luxury whilst parishioners starve, automatically discredits the philosophy of religion. How UnGodly is it to take money from the poor in return to spend it on worthless pursuits and luxuries? The Head of an ideal religion must be of great stature, beauty and integrity. I don’t see any such person in the world today or yesterday.


Religion, money and hatred are the root of all evil. Can you imagine a world without these three scourges? Of course there is nothing wrong with money. Money is a form of energy. A lot of money though in the hands of idiots is very dangerous. A lot of money in the hands of greedy people is dangerous. And a lot of money in the hands of criminals is also dangerous. A large amount of money in the hands of criminals, idiots and greedy people who also have the capacity to hate; well they are to be feared.


It always astounds me that intelligent people say they are Catholics, religious or that they have faith. Can we unpick what is meant by faith? Macquarie dictionary defines faith as: a noun. 1. confidence or trust in someone or something. 2. Belief which is not based on proof. 3. Belief in the teachings of religion. 4. A system of religious beliefs. 5. A duty or obligation of loyalty (to a person, promise, engagement etc. There is no sign of the word truth and there is #2. which says that ‘belief’ is NOT based on proof. And let us take the word ‘belief’. #3 is, belief in the teachings of religion. Belief based on what? Macquarie Dictionary defines belief as accepted opinion. So you are following an opinion and only that opinion and no other.

Why do millions of Christians break The Ten Commandments? How can Christian filled governments send people to war to kill? How do they reconcile this with their belief? They can’t, they ignore what doesn’t suit them and they hold to their belief because they think they gain respect because of it. But disrespect is what they are getting from the wise. Do not confuse wisdom with intelligence. Let’s go back to # 1. Confidence or trust in someone. For a start having confidence in someone doesn’t make them a trustworthy person. I have trusted untrustworthy people. I employed a young woman to work in one of my shops once, she was sweet, charming and attractive, but every day she worked, she stole and later I found out she was on the Methadone Program. Secondly you must know someone to be able to trust them and have confidence in them. No one knows God. Christians say that they know their god, but that in itself is an untruth. They may ‘think’ they know god, but it is absurd, really absurd. How illogical is it to ‘believe’ that you know an entity that you have never seen or heard? And those that speak to god have no proof that ‘he’ heard them. They are just babbling into the ethers nonsense prayers asking to be healed or make them prosperous or trite prayers such as Our Father which art in Heaven. Think about it…..if there was such a god of the Christian bible how many people know god’s name? Some say it is Elohim and yet others say that it is Jehovah. Which is it? Most Christians just call the god, God. And think that that isn’t insulting that you don’t even know your god’s name? Hither to, to expect a god obsessed with Israel, why would ‘he’ even bother to listen to your pleas? Have you ever seen Australia mentioned in the bible? No, you silly people praying to a god who doesn’t acknowledge your existence and you still think he cares about you? If he were a benevolent god ‘he’ would never let babies be raped or anyone for that matter. How do you conceptualise this to fit your belief? And may I ask you if you hold to any Christian religion, how could your god who is so obsessed with Israel take centuries to find the Jews a home? That’s plain incompetence. Surely you can agree to that? Or do you have an excuse for your god as to why ‘he’ couldn’t get it together before, or why he let it slip away in the first place. Now let me get this straight: Your god, that angry, vengeful male who asks men to kill their sons also created the Universe and all that is contained in it including black holes and Dark Matter? ‘He’ created the dust mite? Have you seen a dust mite magnified 600 times? He created this insignificant insect in microscopic detail, yet ‘he’ couldn’t find a State for Jews. And you still think he is listening to your prayers. Really if such a god really did exist do you really think he wants to listen intently to The Lord’s Prayer? Millions of people mumbling Our Farther which art in Heaven hallowed be thy name. Ha ha ha ha ha ha, what name? Ok it’s so hallowed that nobody knows it. That figures, saves making up a name that you cannot prove. It doesn’t seem to matter that nothing in the bible can be proven.


I was listening to Bishop Steven Pickard some months ago on ABC RN radio and he said several staggering things for a sane person, (presuming he is sane). He said: “there are false religions and there are true religions.” Everyone thinks that the religion they follow is true. No one knowingly follows a false religion. None are true and I will tell you why. A religion based on the belief that God is knowable, that God cares about you and that God is Love is a false religion, as none of the above is true. Proof is that a loving god would not allow a baby to be raped, a sweet child or any child for that matter to be abused and would not allow this planet to devolve into a degenerate place of iniquity. Bishop Pickard also said “….the character of God.” Firstly God does not have a character. I know this from being a Gnostic. About the most you could attribute to God, that is the Great Creator God of all that is, is essence and that’s even a stretch. As for the god of the bible which notice I use a lower case g for is either a lesser god, along with all the other thousands of gods, or he does not exist and never did. I have never learnt anything about Jesus or that god in the Great Halls of Learning. I have learned about the Lords of Karma though and they may be called gods, but I never refer to them as gods. No one has a photograph of the Christian god. No one has a recording of that god speaking and if they did, they still could not prove that it was god.


George Bush jnr. Says that god speaks to him. As if any decent, genuine and principled god would choose him to speak to. If the Christian god does exist, he is a pathetic god, obsessed with Israel. For an intelligent person to think that the Christian god created the Universe and to also ‘know’ that this ‘amazing god’ couldn’t find a State for Israel, is incongruous. And now that Israel has a State he is allowing Israel to commit atrocities in ‘his’ name, oh I mean in Israel’s name. God has to make sense. To explain god away by saying that god works in mysterious ways is ludicrous. A mystery can always be explained by someone. The Creator God of all that is cannot be explained. What I do know about that God is that everything is designed to evolve and to change. We humans have free will as to how we react to situations. Those situations are provided to us by a Higher Organisation on higher planes of existence. Our aim is to reach those higher planes through spiritual evolution.


If “god” is so great, why do terrible things happen to his beloved Christians? Why do they keep on loving him when their lives are often a misery and ‘he’ clearly does not love them? And why do Christians love a god that only loves Israelis? And why aren’t Israelis Christians? And why do Israelis have the Torah and not your bible? Why do Christians hold to Christianity when the Church is plagued with paedophilia and abuse? They still bang on about Christianity in the face of its blatant evilness. Does the bible explain evil? If so does god ever appear evil to you? Why would a caring god allow a human to not be able to be rehabilitated? Why would this same god allow a serial killer to keep on killing and never be caught and punished? Christians certainly are not deep thinkers and it is astounding to think that a man can read the bible and then set himself up as superior to ‘teach’ those inferior humans how to live, think and behave; just from reading the bible.


What exactly is the meaning of the elaborate hats and robes? It’s to be intimidating and to look superior. They are saying, “I am better than you and I am superior, look at me.” Consecrated by god? Ordained by god? How can a grown intelligent man actually think this? They have been ordained by another man. If religion was good, it would recognise the Feminine Principle as Superior. How many female paedophiles are there compared to men? How many women in jails compared to men? Who has ruined this planet, invented bombs and devastated the land? It is men. Yet men still seem to think that they are superior. They are not.


Men are superior in general terms in only one thing and that is physical strength. As such they should know their place and be the protectors of fe-males and take the burden for wo-men. Instead you will find places in the world where the women do all the work, bear children and then have to walk behind the man and if they do not comply with the wishes of the man they might be beaten or even killed. Does this seem right to you? Women have not been able to rise up to their position of honour on account of men’s physical strength, which they laud over wo-men. Because men have this unfair advantage, they get their way by force. The only way wo-men have been able to get anywhere in the wold of men is by being man-like. Not butch as in lesbian, but physically strong in mind and body and aggressive; Margaret Thatcher comes to mind and Golda Meir.


There are highly spiritually evolved men who do recognise wo-men’s worth and they have allowed wo-men to progress, thank goodness for those men.


Getting back to where I began by saying that I spend a fair amount of time on Facebook and who my 800 Friends plus are, I have noticed that everyone seems to be having problems, some massive. Many of my Friends are ill, some are in hospital and some having operations and chemo. These for the most part are good people. I don’t know everyone personally, but we are mostly on the same page. I am a good, reasonable and if I may say so about myself, a wise person. Tell me, what percentage of the world’s population would you call wise? You may come to a different conclusion from me. I would say less than .01%. They will most likely be Gnostics like me, though they may not know it. There are people who understand Karma. There are people who understand reincarnation and there are people who know right from wrong in all its ramifications. But at the same time I hear people talking about Karma in an incorrect way. They think that every little thing that happens that is painful or causing suffering is the result of Karma.


Let me teach you about Karma. Karma is always permanent. If your suffering is intermittent, temporary or minor, it is not karmic. It is however a Life Lesson. How you respond to these lessons will determine your future and that is why people misinterpret it as Karma. If you do not respond well to a situation you find yourself in, you will have to endure a similar situation again, most likely in your next human life. These situations placed in your path are done so by entities on a higher plane of existence. You may well call them gods, but they are nothing like the god of the bible. They are not obsessed with anything. Those who think reincarnation is rubbish are merely spiritually impoverished. There will be a time in their evolution where they will understand it. Anyone disputing what I have written is merely spiritually ignorant.


I have called this piece Dodging Land Mines, because we go through life striving for the best solution, the best decision, the best outcome; while over-coming obstacles and adversity. You will never know when you will encounter a terrorist, a serial killer or someone who wants to do you harm. You cannot escape tornados, cyclones, earth quakes and volcanic eruptions by sheer initiative. We mostly do try, though there are some who purposely place themselves in harm’s way.


As a Gnostic I dislike sharing this planet with violent uncaring ignorant people. I despair at all the injustice I see all around me. I cringe at decisions governments make; but I am here and this is my life and I have to live it one way or another. I pay strict attention to my conscience and let it guide me throughout my life.


No religion could ever improve my life as I know that I have always done right by my conscience, which a paedophile priest cannot know. I have not mentioned any other religions here as what I have said applies to all religions. You have been given a conscience to use and if you do use it, it renders religion futile.


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I have just listened to Waleed Aly talking about Ethics on Radio National and as far as I am concerned he has it all wrong. He said that ethics that is taught in schools should teach children to be smarter. Now what did he mean by ‘smarter’? If it is ‘smart’ to always do the right and honourable thing, then I guess he is correct. But I don’t think he meant that. I think he meant as in academically smarter: In which case ethics has nothing to do with smartness.

A person, who chooses to do something, knowing that it will be frowned upon or condemned by society at large and that its effect will be harmful, is unethical.

It is much easier to describe unethical behaviour than it is to describe ethical behaviour. It is unethical to cheat, lie, deceive, dupe, steal, to be overly critical and judgemental: the latter being very different from making a judgement. I have an old blog somewhere on Judgement vs Judgemental. I will post it when I find it. Then there is good criticism and poor criticism. Poor is unethical of course as it does harm to the victim. Good criticism encourages the person to do better because they are capable of it. But still should only be at the request of the criticised. Let me give you an example here: A piano teacher scolds her student for not doing finger exercises. If the student has a reasonable reason as to why they had not done any exercises, but looks pleased to do them in future and next lesson is much improved to the joy of all concerned, then it has been beneficial criticism. But let’s say the same teacher has another student who also has not done any exercises and the teacher admonisher her causing the child to cry and cower, a judgement needs to be made, not a criticism. This child is not suited to piano lessons and should stop going to class. The judgement is ethical, based on the child’s needs. The admonishment was not.

Breaking a promise could be unethical as well, depending on the promise and who it was made to. If someone asks another person can you keep a promise and the person answers ‘yes’, then proceeds to tell that person that they have done something really bad. It was naïve of the second person to answer ‘yes’ without knowing the secret. But if a builder promises to complete a building for X amount of dollars, in X amount of time then demands more money. The whole situation is unethical. Fraud is unethical.

It is ethical to run a business to benefit society and staff.

It is ethical to volunteer.

It is ethical to give back what you have borrowed in the same condition it was lent to you.

It is ethical to put everything correctly on your resume.

It is ethical to have good manners, although this is debatable. My good manners may not be the same as yours. For instance it is not necessary to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ about everything. Over doing politeness can be irritating. However an ethical person is always polite in business dealings.

I could easily write a school program on Ethics and I would love to do it if someone paid me to do it.

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I CHING Reading

Sunday September 25th 2006

Reading regarding Islam and Muslims

Interpretation: ARTHA Your greatest strength lies in your clear vision. You view the world without prejudice, with an uncluttered healthy mind. You deal with people humanely, unselfishly and lovingly. You understand yourself and can empathise with everyone, even those who feel antipathetic or hostile to you. The bond between you and your fellow men goes beyond cultural differences. It is not simply a sympathetic similarity of hopes and fears. You sense the divine image in all men and you perceive the tragedy of the human condition. The close attachment you feel to your fellow man is not forced. You cannot control it. You cannot turn it off or on. You may even not be completely aware of it, as such. According to the values of your culture you are not an extraordinary person. But anything you undertake will be successful. The time is right for far reaching changes and momentous activity on your part.

Taken from I CHING by Sam Reifler #61 Kung-fih

Now I think this describes me accurately. I would prefer mankind, rather than man. I have copied verbatim. You can check it if you want. I can take some comfort in that the ancient book the I CHING knows me when many on Twitter do not recognise me owing to their spiritual impoverishment.

The trouble is that certain people think that it is kool to be a Progressive, Modern Human Being; and that it is progressive to be Politically Correct. And maybe it is kool amongst that crowd. I notice that the Greens go overboard with Political Correctness. It is all very fine until it is wrong. Beware of the pendulum swinging too far in the opposite direction. What used to be outlawed should not become common place. Let the pendulum settle at the centre.

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Blogging for Free

Is it possible to successfully blog on this site for free? I have so many problems that mostly can’t be resolved.

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World War 111 began the day ISIL/Daesh declared a Caliphate. Nostradamus predicted a 3rd world war at the end of the last century, so what if he was in error by a few years.

This world war is very different from the last two and that is to be expected. However ISIL are employing very basic tactics such as knifing and beheading. Not high tech at all. I put Islam before The West in the heading as it is ISIL declaring war on the West, not the other way around. However, American foreign policy certainly has a lot to answer for. America did invade Iraq; did land troops without permission from the government and did kill insurgents defending their country. They also killed a huge amount of civilians. This was antagonistic to say the least and this outcome to be expected.

The US, Russia and China are employing high tech. Unmanned drones, satellite surveillance and various weaponry. However, ISIL are employing both. They have the high tech weaponry which they have mostly stolen, or bought with ill gotten gains.

Let me explain how in many ways ISIL have the advantage in this war, whereas no one had a clear advantage in the previous wars before Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The clear advantage with ISIL is their appearance, clothing and support amongst the community of any nation including Syria and Iraq.

Let’s say that the US decides to put boots on the ground in Syria. How do Syrians dress and visually appear? How would a US soldier differentiate between a Syrian opposed to the Assad government or to a Syrian supporter of ISIL or to a Syrian who supports Bashar al Assad? Putting a soldier dressed in fatigues in any town in Syria would be suicide and a waste of a good man. It just can’t be done. ISIL, those that oppose Assad and those that support him have a network. They know the cities they live in and they have accommodation. Where are the soldiers accommodated?

Now take an ISIL supporter in a non-Muslim country such as Australia. We allow people to wear what they like as long as they don’t expose their genitals and women their breasts. So even though Muslims dress very differently, we have allowed them not to stick out like a soldier would in his fatigues in Syria. No one expects a young man in his teens, dressed in Muslim traditional dress to pull out a gun and shoot dead someone he doesn’t even know. We have allowed ourselves to be trusting of all newcomers, refugees and migrants, because some of them have been lovely and Australia is the richer for their presence.

I can fully support the closed door policy Australia has adopted. We have every right to choose who we let enter Australian borders. It was the open door policy that has allowed Extremists to blend in, when they should be as conspicuous as the US soldier in his fatigues.

If a member of the KKK came to Australia and wore his KKK garb with hood on in Pit St Sydney, he would be arrested or at least detained. But this man may not have hurt or killed anyone. White headdress apparently, is unacceptable in society, but black is acceptable. Now why is this?

It is true that there are countries that ISIL/Daesh, Taliban, al Qaeda, Jamaah Islamiyah, Hezbollah, Hamas and Boko Haram etc. have not penetrated. These are countries with a limited Muslim population.

Very few Islamists love our way of life. If they did they would dress like us and not feel the need to cover 90% of their body. Both men and women cover up so I don’t know where they get their vitamin D from. I was told by a Muslim man that the reason why they wear baggy pants and the long shirt worn over them was so that they can masturbate without being detected. Another Muslim man told me that if a man should by some miraculous occurrence give birth to the return of Mohamed, the baby will have a soft landing in his pants. Now this man had no sense of humour and laughing was inappropriate for my safety. As I was in his country, Pakistan, I just let it go, even though he was my friend at the time.

ISIL are Islamic Extremists. It’s their way or the highway. They are not Muslim by faith, though of course they say they are. They are men who thrive on control. Control over women, over children, over money, over property and over behaviour of all the population. They are on a huge Power Trip with no conscience being adhered to. The more brazen they are, the more they get away with. Very similar to domestic violence where the man controls his partner and children and is violent towards them, but there isn’t a consequence; where a restraining order is broken without consequence and where an extremist is suspected, but free to commit a heinous crime. If Islamists keep getting their way with little resistance, think what life will be like for white Australians and Original Inhabitants if Islamists multiply as Indians did in Fiji. There is a group of women already calling for Sharia Law in Australia. Of course it will not happen. Or could it? All it takes is a Muslim government that becomes an Islamist Government. Alarmist? Perhaps. But I will tell you one thing. Those that think about many scenarios are more prepared psychologically than those who never gave it a thought: ‘It’ being an event or consequence of certain actions.

Only a very under developed brain would believe the 72 virgins in Heaven waiting for every martyr. Under developed brains are particularly dangerous as they can justify anything with utter rubbish. In other words they are gullible. How else can you explain the 72 virgins myth? I have been to the highest plane on the Astral Plane and there are very few virgins there and those that are definitely are NOT at the disposal of any martyr. There are no martyrs on the 7th Plane. They are mostly on the 1st or 2nd Plane: 1st commonly known as Hell.

If we can eliminate the need for oil and eradicate greed the world would be in a much better position. Two things easily achieved, but probably never will be.

Turkey was a secular country. Since the coup, it will be an Islamist State. That’s how quickly it can happen.

Not wanting more Muslims entering Australia does not mean that I don’t like Muslims or that I hate them. Those that have integrated such as you see with Waleed Aly are very welcome and appreciated. Those that do not integrate and rely on Centrelink may cause some problems for those that feel that they aren’t getting a fair go. I certainly do not advocate for all Muslims to be deported. That is ridiculous. I just feel that there are enough here already. Just as you may eat a delicious mud cake, if someone offers you more, even though it’s delicious, you don’t want any more.


  1. I have been pilloried on Twitter for my views. This is quite to be expected, however it does seem strange that those that have read my blog do not comment and put forward their own views, which I appreciate. Many have read this blog, then return to twitter and condemn me, where they receive a wide audience who back them up having not read my blog. I have been told that I am spewing hatred. I’m quite sure if I felt hatred I would know it. Apparently I am disgusting and one ‘man’ put #basketofdeplorables against my name. Of course there is no hatred shown towards me, is there? It is just my opinion that it is best not to vilify, demonise or use vile language at someone whose ideas you are trying to change.

I am not changing my mind on Islam, Muslims, Christians or Jews. I have come to my views after careful thought and meditation. I have a Right to want and need to live in the country that I am used to, grew up in and not one that is completely changing before my eyes and I have no in-put?

What a difference a c can make. My computer keyboard put a space between the c in changing and produced the word hanging. Now I could have thought of my clothes hanging in my wardrobe, but because of the above blog, my mind went directly to hangings and beheadings. The people who have pilloried me have no fear of terrorists. How will you feel when you yourself are caught up in such an event? A very good friend of my oldest daughter was blown up by a suicide bomber in Egypt. She was on holidays and was covered in shrapnel from face, neck, chest, stomach, thighs, shins and feet. A beautiful young woman, I have met her. It happened on the same day as the Tasmanian Coal mine disaster which took the limelight. I deplore the actions of violence of any kind. I don’t know how I will feel if I pass a man wearing a skull cap, Muslim clothes, short hair and big bushy black beard. I may feel a pang of fear, especially if there were more than one. I may instantly work on a plan if anything untoward should happen. I would not walk alone in Lakemba for instance. Only a decade ago, I felt I could safely walk anywhere. How about those of you who view me with utter disdain, go to Lakemba and walk around alone for 3 hours and see how you are treated and see who is racist and how they are dressed. Has anyone got a clue? Islamists are racist and they live in our country. They do want everyone to do as they do, which is contrary to my choice in life which I have a right to.



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About Cannabis/Marijuana

  Why should I feel anxious and nervous about being caught growing cannabis on my own land? When all I am doing is growing a herb that God provided for all human beings and animals to do freel…

Source: About Cannabis/Marijuana

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