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“Have You Stopped beating your Wife?”

“Have You Stopped beating your Wife?” “Answer me ‘yes’ or ‘no’“. What a travesty our Justice System is!!! I have just been listening to the Law Report on ABC’s Radio National. South Australia is considering new changes to laws that … Continue reading

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Empowering Women: (wo men) To be read by men as well

Empowering Women: (wo men) To be read by men as well The following is an excerpt from another article/blog I wrote: About Men. I’m going to take this opportunity now to talk about gender and words that represent it in … Continue reading

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My views on Left and Right-wing thinking

Left and Right wing beliefs and Political Policies Left-Wing ideas, beliefs & Policies = Yin Right-Wing ideas, beliefs & policies = Yang Organic eaters and growers as far as possible. Recycle rubbish & make use of anything recyclable. Looks after … Continue reading

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