I CHING Reading

Sunday September 25th 2006

Reading regarding Islam and Muslims

Interpretation: ARTHA Your greatest strength lies in your clear vision. You view the world without prejudice, with an uncluttered healthy mind. You deal with people humanely, unselfishly and lovingly. You understand yourself and can empathise with everyone, even those who feel antipathetic or hostile to you. The bond between you and your fellow men goes beyond cultural differences. It is not simply a sympathetic similarity of hopes and fears. You sense the divine image in all men and you perceive the tragedy of the human condition. The close attachment you feel to your fellow man is not forced. You cannot control it. You cannot turn it off or on. You may even not be completely aware of it, as such. According to the values of your culture you are not an extraordinary person. But anything you undertake will be successful. The time is right for far reaching changes and momentous activity on your part.

Taken from I CHING by Sam Reifler #61 Kung-fih

Now I think this describes me accurately. I would prefer mankind, rather than man. I have copied verbatim. You can check it if you want. I can take some comfort in that the ancient book the I CHING knows me when many on Twitter do not recognise me owing to their spiritual impoverishment.

The trouble is that certain people think that it is kool to be a Progressive, Modern Human Being; and that it is progressive to be Politically Correct. And maybe it is kool amongst that crowd. I notice that the Greens go overboard with Political Correctness. It is all very fine until it is wrong. Beware of the pendulum swinging too far in the opposite direction. What used to be outlawed should not become common place. Let the pendulum settle at the centre.


About eleanawi

Hi, I am Eleana Winter-Irving, a very youthful 74 year old. I own land and work hard. I built my own 4 bedroom house with a little help from my friends and I still regularly use a chain saw, fell weed trees and chop firewood. I keep fit by working hard and I also love dancing. If I am not out dancing I am at home, not anything old fashioned like waltzes, lol. I am a freestyler. I read a lot, love photography and going to places I haven’t been to before. I have travelled extensively all over the world to more than 30 countries and lived in 6 different countries. I have 2 children, both girls and both happy with long term partners. I became a grandmother in 2012. I can’t say the same for myself. I seem to be unlucky with men. I am very warm and affectionate with the ‘right’ person. I have New Age leanings, but not over the top. I am a Gnostic, so I don’t follow any religion. Religion is for those who are lost and can’t rely on their conscience to guide them. Yes, I am different from most people, especially women my age. If you dare to follow my blogs you will quickly notice that they are usually controversial. That’s me, I am controversial. I date guys in their twenties and thirties. They find me attractive and I find them attractive. I won’t date someone I am not attracted to, though it doesn’t matter for friendships. I am not into sport at all, though I was hockey and netball captain at school year after year. I like most music, except for heavy metal, rock ‘n’ roll, country and western, hip hop and rap. I do like some hip hop and rap, depends on what they are saying. I was born in India, educated in England and Australia and now live permanently in Australia. I have no claim to academia, though I consider myself intelligent, not intellectual. If you can’t think of anything to comment on about any of my blogs, that’s fine with me. I know it’s difficult when a subject is unusual. I write to get people thinking and of course if you do have something to say, I am all ears, lol. One thing, I doubt you will be bored with any of my posts. Eleana
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