Why am I so Healthy at 76?

Any time I have criticised proponents of pharmaceuticals, I am abused, ridiculed and insulted. Of course the insults mean nothing to me as I know what I know and I am the one who is healthy, not them.

So, I have decided to write a blog about how to be healthy.

Health depends on 7 major factors: Lifestyle, what you eat, how and what you think, how you walk and how you sit, stress, what products you use, what you breathe and your spiritual awareness.

  1. Lifestyle: going to the gym will not help you to be healthy. Physical hard work that is productive will. Dancing is also good if you like dancing. Communing with nature/meditating and going for walks in parks or in the country on a regular basis will help. Yoga, Chi gong along with a myriad of other practices is worth doing, if only one of them. Walking barefoot on grass, rather than jogging on hard pavements. Enjoying life.
  2. Food: is to sustain you and to give you pleasure. A diet is useless if you hate it. Find out your blood group and eat according to its needs. Now I’m blood group O which comes under hunter/gatherer, therefore being vegetarian isn’t suitable. I was strict vegetarian for 12 years, but I noticed my health deteriorate in that time till I went to a naturopath who asked me if I was vegetarian. I told him that I was and had been for 12 years. He then asked me if I went into it gradually or overnight. I told him over night. He asked me why I had done that. I told him how a friend had visited me and had opened my frig and had said “yuk! Flesh!”, he then slammed the door shut and walked out without saying good bye. The naturopath then asked me if I ate the meet. No, I did not. It went in my compost bin. He advised me to slowly introduce white meat and fish again, which I did. I had no symptoms other than I didn’t feel as strong as I was used to or as much energy. My strength returned as soon as I started eating some meat. I had also become quite anaemic. This is in my 30’s through 40’s. Organic of course is best. The only organic I eat is what I grow. Never put into your mouth that which is alien to your body. Now think about that. The only meat I eat these days is non domestic, so it’s kangaroo for me.
  3. What and how you think contributes to disease. If you indulge in loop thoughts of a resentful nature, you will eventually get cancer. The trigger maybe environmental, but the cause is resentment unfettered. If you find yourself slipping into a depression, you must haul yourself out of it and not rely on drugs to get you out. Depression is when your qi energy is turned downwards. If you are willing to put some energy into reversing your qi energy, it will be worth it. Ok wallow in it for an hour or two, then get cracking on making it do a U turn at your feet and up, up, up and out the top of your head. BTW cannabis is not a drug. Cannabis is a plant and a herb that our Creator God of all that Is provided for our use to give us both pleasure and to heal us if we have strayed from good health. If you have a negative thought, that’s ok. What isn’t ok is thinking the same negative thought over and over. That will eventually make you sick. The original negative thought will have little effect on your body as long as it is brief. That’s why swearing works wonders. Swear at the bloody thing and you feel better and then it’s over. Let it go.
  4. How you walk is very important. I walk with a straight back and with purpose. I look like I know where I am going and why. I also walk quickly, unless I am going for a stroll along the beach. Look straight ahead, unless you are searching for something on the ground in which case it doesn’t apply. Also when standing, always stand equally on both feet. And when lying on your back, never cross your ankles, it cuts off circulation. How you sit, especially when eating is very important for good digestion. You must sit with a straight back. No slouching, even when tired. Never cross your legs when you are at home. It’s ok to do it occasionally when you are out if it looks more elegant or you don’t want to mansplay.
  5. Stress: short term stress is a stimulant and is not harmful. So many of you will say that some stress can’t be avoided. True. The expression ‘don’t stress over the little things’ is very helpful. Don’t cry over spilt milk another. If your favourite vase is broken, have a little cry, tell a friend, then get over it. It is continued stress that is very damaging. If you are stressed over finances, it is very difficult to get a break from it, but you must try. A person worrying about finances during sex will not be totally in the moment and will not enjoy it as much as they would if there were no troubles on their mind. Being overly anxious over a child’s well being will cause disease eventually. Remember that a cause always needs a trigger. Worry is negative energy and never solves problems; it perpetuates them.
  6. Products: now this is a tricky one. And remember that products are only the trigger. For instance I do sometimes use insect spray. However when I do, I take a deep breath, spray and walk backwards holding my breath. When I have stopped spraying, I let air out slowly and go quickly to fresh air and take a deep breath. Talking about breathing, it is very important to take deep breaths every now and then, as long as the air is good, of course. I never had to protect my babies from any poisons in my house as I didn’t have any. Instead of being careful, just don’t have any. I do have Pino Clean in my house now, but it is a tiny bottle and I have had it for over a decade. And it’s still half full. Never use a deodorant containing aluminium. Talc contains nanoparticles, apparently harmful. Suntan, lotion also. I garden in the nude and I never put sun screen on. I never seem to get burnt as I am walking around, always moving. I do use sun screen if I am at the beach during mid-day hours. I rarely go to the beach. All solvents are triggers for cancer.
  7. If you are spiritually impoverished: you will be a climate sceptic or anti-social, or religious, narrow-minded, critical and judgemental, narcissistic, psychopathic, paedophile, gossip or cruel. Atheists are healthier than religious people. However I’m not an atheist. I am a non-Christian Gnostic. I do not hold to any religion as all that is necessary in life is to listen to one’s conscience.

I have listed a few things here for you to look at quickly, however there is a lot more to good health than what I have listed. For instance, guilt is very damaging. Guilt will eat away at your health insidiously without symptoms for years before disease and symptoms appear. Whilst I’m on symptoms: whenever you become aware of a symptom, attend to it immediately. A symptom is usually a precursor to disease. If you have pain anywhere that just appears for no apparent reason, it is a warning to do something or make a change. Learn what certain symptoms mean. With the Internet it has become easy to do this. Long term guilt over the same subject will cause cancer. If you told a lie and got found out, but it didn’t hurt anyone, you may feel guilty for a while, and then you forget about it. No problem. But if you did something to someone many years ago and it did affect them and it was never found out, that guilt will fester, causing cells to misbehave. Resentment, guilt and anxiety are the worst for causing dis-ease. Hatred strangely doesn’t seem to have the same effect. A person who hates usually feels good about themselves and they can justify their hatred; very different from guilt and resentment.

I haven’t mentioned not to eat junk food as I presume anyone reading this already knows how bad for your health junk food is. However if you are healthy you can eat it once in a while. I do eat pizza about once every one or two years. I eat fish and chips about once every three years. I never eat hamburgers, pork or soft drinks. I won’t name them, but I’m sure you all know what they are. White sugar is poison and has no nutritional value. Make sure that your sugar intake is low and never use white sugar at home as you will get plenty of it when eating out. Cheddar cheese also damages the villi in your small intestines.

I thought when I started writing this piece that I would cover everything in a couple of pages, but there is a lot more to it than just listing a few things to do and not to do. How close you sit to your TV for instance is important. I have only one TV and I usually watch it in my kitchen where I spend most of my time when inside. I sit 3 metres away from it. If I am watching it in my sittingroom, I twist it around and I sit about 6 metres from it then. TV’s do emit a negative energy called orgone energy. For years I refused to buy a microwave. I’ve had one now for about 5 years and I wouldn’t be without it. However, they emit a bad energy; I don’t take the risk of having it in my kitchen as I sit in my kitchen a lot. It sits behind a curtain in another room and when on, I walk away.

Leading a sedentary life will lead to problems. Try not to sit for more than half an hour at a time. Get up and walk around, do a little dance or some standing stomach crunches and crouches. If you are watching a commercial TV station get up in the ads and do something useful or just move around. ABC is a trap and I do find myself sitting for an hour at a time sometimes when I become engrossed in a program. The internet is also a trap. Keep an eye on the time and get up and move. Standing stomach crunches is easy to do. Stand with feet at shoulder width apart, suck in your stomach and hold 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 seconds and let go slowly. Try not to completely let it go so that you are still using your stomach muscles. The more you do in a day, the flatter your stomach will become. Stave off Type 2 diabetes. Short bursts of exercise is very beneficial. I do squats. I do as many as I can, usually about 30 to 50 at a time. It really gets the heart pumping. You can flop into a chair afterwards. Ok, don’t know how to do a squat? Here’s how. I clasp my hands in front of my chest, but you could also cross your arms, just as long as they aren’t dangling. Then lower your bottom/butt as if you were going to sit down. Go as low as you can, and just as you are about to touch the imaginary seat, rise up back to standing. You can do them as quick or slow as you like. When doing it for the first time, keep going until you reach your limit. But at least try to do 5. If you can’t do 5, you don’t need me to tell you that you are in bad shape. There is no need to do more than 50 at a time. 100 will not be any more beneficial than 50. And 3 lots of 20 will be more beneficial than 50 straight. 6 lots of 10 will be extremely beneficial for those bordering obese. This blog hasn’t been to target the obese. I very much doubt that any obese person will read it. An obese person has proved to the world/society that they do not possess the initiative, inspiration or capacity to change their lifestyle, knowing full well that how they live is slowing killing them. But they continue down that same ruinous path.

Before I mentioned symptoms and I need to expand on the subject. Natural is far superior to un-natural, processed or toxins. If you think that processed, toxic pharmaceuticals are superior to natural, unadulterated, then you are in that spiritually impoverished group. I’m sorry to label anyone that way, but there is no other way to put it. Anyone who thinks pharmaceuticals are the only way to health; they are sadly mistaken brainwashed individuals who deserve to be ill. All illnesses that come from within are self-inflicted. Not so from external source. Burns, accidents and rashes from plants are more likely life lessons and in the case of permanent damage, would be karmic. Not applicable to babies which is another subject.

Alone time is very important. Every person needs time alone to think deeply or to just contemplate. It’s very good for your spirit. Your soul remains your soul, no matter how you live. Listen to your ‘gut’ feelings and always listen to your conscience. Your conscience was given to you to guide YOU through life, not be guided by someone else’s whim or ego. Religious people have lost contact with their conscience and intuition. They rely on someone else or a group of other people to tell them what is right

and what is not. Every single human being and some animals have a conscience. It resides in your spirit and can be accessed at any time, even under extreme stress. It never lies to you. It will always tell you right from wrong and that’s all you need to know. Billions of people worldwide rely on another human to tell them how to live, what to say and how to even dress. My conscience is so far removed from these teachings that I can’t believe that the teachings even ever came from anyone’s conscience. It seems more like to me that it was a way to control society. That’s just my opinion. Could also be fact.

As a Gnostic, I am privy to certain knowledge that I have brought with me into this Physical Incarnation. There are things that are forbidden and disobey the Laws of Nature. Murder, when not in self defence. Sexual intercourse with an animal. Rape by a human being of a human being. Anal sex. Paedophilia. Violence and cruelty. Deception. Greed and more.

Of course I have not addressed everything here. I have enough knowledge to write a book. This is for people who genuinely want to improve their health. If you decide that all that I have written is rubbish and that pharmaceuticals are the way to go, you are already unhealthy, and your health will deteriorate the more pills you pop. Whilst one symptom is suppressed another will appear needing yet more drugs. The very strange thing is that the War on Drugs never tackles pharmaceuticals which are way more harmful than heroine and cocaine as far as damage to the body and deaths is concerned except of course for overdose. I have never taken either, but I have used marijuana for over 4 decades the same length of time that I have not had the flu’ or a common cold.

I should mention here that I do get symptoms which I attend to immediately. For instance if I get a sore throat I step up vitamin C. I normally take 1 gram a day, so I step up to 2 grams and I spray my throat with colloidal silver; sore throat gone. If I were to neglect it and moan, “oh I’ve got such a sore throat boo hoo,” and do nothing, I deserve to get a full blown cold. I spend a lot of my Age Pension on supplements. I have never been in hospital since I lived at home under the jurisdiction of my parents who made me have a tonsillectomy at age 17 when my tonsils were healthy. I should have sued them.

I am just feeling my age now since this terrible flood from cyclone Debbie. My driveway is one kilometre long and half of it is 4WD and steep. It got badly washed out and I have been digging out the drains and filling in ruts. I did it before the cyclone hit and again after. I have definitely over done it for my age. However when there is no one else to do the heavy work and the pension does not cover paying someone younger to do it, I have no choice. If I were unhealthy I would not be capable of doing such a back breaking job. I have 9 drains to dig out and one still blocked concrete drain which I tried to tackle yesterday, but the mud is too wet and sticky and my back already aching, so waiting for my back to improve and ground to dry out. Time and again I have stated on Facebook and Twitter that I am healthy, I’m 74 and that I haven’t had a cold or the flu’ for over 4 decades; yet not one person has ever asked me how.

If you want to comment and insult me, I’m fine with it. It has no reflection on my life. I just ask that you use logic. For a person to say that they use pharmaceuticals and they are healthy is not logic. Ask me any questions about stuff I may have left out.




About eleanawi

Hi, I am Eleana Winter-Irving, a very youthful 79 year old. I own land and work hard. I built my own 4 bedroom house with a little help from my friends and I still regularly use a chain saw, fell weed trees and chop firewood. I keep fit by working hard and I also love dancing. If I am not out dancing I am at home, not anything old fashioned like waltzes, lol. I am a freestyler. I read a lot, love photography and going to places I haven’t been to before. I have travelled extensively all over the world to more than 30 countries and lived in 6 different countries. I have 2 children, both girls and both happy with long term partners. I became a grandmother in 2012. I can’t say the same for myself. I seem to be unlucky with men. I am very warm and affectionate with the ‘right’ person. I have New Age leanings, but not over the top. I am a Gnostic, so I don’t follow any religion. Religion is for those who are lost and can’t rely on their conscience to guide them. Yes, I am different from most people, especially women my age. If you dare to follow my blogs you will quickly notice that they are usually controversial. That’s me, I am controversial. I date guys in their twenties and thirties. They find me attractive and I find them attractive. I won’t date someone I am not attracted to, though it doesn’t matter for friendships. I am not into sport at all, though I was hockey and netball captain at school year after year. I like most music, except for heavy metal, rock ‘n’ roll, country and western, hip hop and rap. I do like some hip hop and rap, depends on what they are saying. I was born in India, educated in England and Australia and now live permanently in Australia. I have no claim to academia, though I consider myself intelligent, not intellectual. If you can’t think of anything to comment on about any of my blogs, that’s fine with me. I know it’s difficult when a subject is unusual. I write to get people thinking and of course if you do have something to say, I am all ears, lol. One thing, I doubt you will be bored with any of my posts. Eleana
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