My letter to Luke Howarth and his reply

Attention Luke Howarth MP

To say that I am shocked by your statement on ABC RN on Tuesday morning July 9th, is the least of it. It was yet more confirmation that this Liberal and Nationals Government is shirking their responsibility regarding Human Rights and Human Respectability and Responsibility. #RRR

May I make a suggestion and that is to equate ‘small percentage’ with those who willingly choose to be homeless, the swaggie, the surfie and the traveller. I really don’t think you have any conception of why people become homeless. I would really appreciate you being up-front and telling the public your version of why Homelessness occurs.

My beautiful daughter became homeless last year. She had been in her 2 bedroom unit ten years. Her rent went up from $180 to $280. Now is this fair? She was a model tenant. The man who is renting her old unit hasn’t turned on the electricity for over a year. He walks around with a torch. He can’t cook, watch TV or have a fan on in this increasing heatwave after heatwave. No doubt you live in air-conditioning, when others are suffering terribly.

I am now asking you publicly (as this will accompany my petition) to plan an economical way to eliminate homelessness.

I have many suggestions I can share with you.



Sandra Barlow

P.S. If you think this job is too difficult, ask for it to be given to someone who will attend to it ethically and humanely.

Sent on July 10th 2019

This is his reply via Sidesh Naikar

Luke Howarths reply













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