My letter to the Governor-General

His Excellency the Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (retired) Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia

I am contacting you because of the dire situation Australia finds itself in since the election of Scott Morrison PM.

I am quite certain that you have no idea of public opinion, or the hurt and cruelty that is being perpetrated by this current government.

There are too many issues to list them all, so I will concentrate on the most crucial: Every time I turned on my TV or radio and listened to a news broadcast during the election campaign, I heard at least one Liberal or National representative tell a lie. They were blatant lies that could be fact-checked. Even when a reporter challenged them, they continued to spin and embellish the lie. This is wrong, unethical and sinful.

Clive Palmer also ran ads where more lies were told about the Labor Party. The public was bombarded with his ads which contributed to Labor’s loss at the election. Scott Morrison did not win the election on policies, on merit or on honesty. He won it on lies. How do you feel about lies in general and what is your opinion on unethical elections?

Scott Morrison PM and Josh Frydenberg MP Treasurer, have decimated the economy. They have run it down with poor policies on stimulation. The idea of trickledown economics and giving to the rich only makes the rich richer and the poor poorer. Raising New Start is the only way to revive stimulus and get the economy going again. Lowering interest rates has run its course and will not improve anything from going any lower.

Scott Morrison’s beliefs and religion are a burden to the poor. We feel despised and worthless in his eyes, just because we are not wealthy. I used to enjoy life and looked forward to the future, but not anymore. I am continually depressed about the direction this government is heading: The lack of commitment to Climate Change in the face of record temperatures and raging bush fires, which the government couldn’t care less about. Also, the introduction of the Indue Card humiliates those doing their best along with those who are not. Drug testing Welfare recipients, is more humiliation. People take drugs because they are unhappy and can’t deal with life. They need help, not demonization.

Lastly, I am disturbed and shocked at the waste of money that is going on with both the NSW and Federal Governments: The tearing down of Allianz Stadium a typical example. Perhaps I can add here the level of corruption is staggering. Labor’s is being addressed, but Liberal’s isn’t. The amount of Social Housing that could have been built for the homeless and those close to it with the Allianz Stadium demolition alone would have been considerable. We are looking like a third world country with all the homeless sleeping rough in cities, while China spreads its wings and puts us to shame.

I went into shock on Sunday, May 19th when the realisation that my life was about to take a turn for the worse really sank in and I now live in constant fear of the future, fear of bush fires and unbearable temperatures yet to come.

It is extremely disappointing to come to the conclusion that the Governor-General is impotent to alter the course of bad governments. But it appears that is how it is.


Please do comment and let me know if you are prepared to act, to do something yourself. One million hard copy unique letters to the Governor-General would have an effect. It may not change government, but it may change how it governs.

I’d be happy to post good letters here with your permission.

Addresses for the Governor-General

His Excellency the Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Retired) Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia

Government House

Sydney 2000 NSW

This page takes you to a form to place your complaint. This is what I used. I am posting a hard copy on Wednesday 18th September.

I will also be making a submission to the Joint Standing Committee. I will post it on this site once it has been submitted and posted publically by them.

I have now written my second letter to the GG. I can’t post it here until I have sent it.



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5 Responses to My letter to the Governor-General

  1. Good letter. Respectful yet blunt. Bravo.

  2. Suzanne Cass says:

    It’s an awesome letter, well done

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