The decline of Accountability in Australia Part One



I was asked by a Twitter Follower for my thoughts on the subject, although I have changed the title from ‘and’ to ‘of’.

This is a difficult subject, as many thoughts and ideas have already been floated around Social Media. Many people putting the blame squarely on the Prime Minister Scott Morrison. However, my belief is that it started a long time ago.

John Howard said there will never be a GST under his watch. Guess what? The very next election he took it as part of his policies.

My pension was cut with no notification when I was on Sole Parent Benefit. I was never sent a letter telling me that it had been cut or why. I found out at the ATM. I had been drawing on my savings for weeks with no clue. This was under the  Keating Government.

If I were to research the subject, I may find hundreds of times the government of the day said they would or would not do something that was reneged on at a later date. In the case of Tony Abbott, the very next week. There is no point in listing them all here, so I will address the present situation.

Scott Morrison is a clever man and he is a prolific talker. He lies as a matter of course, that is, he doesn’t have to pre-think up the lies he is going to tell. He also has a keen memory and can remember most of the lies he has told, so that he can repeat them again and again.

Having been trained in marketing, he has used this formula to ‘sell’ his message with embedded lies to a hapless audience, those ‘quiet Australians’  that lap up everything he says, because they think he sounds believable. He has worked out that lies pay off, that there are no consequences, even if caught out. If caught, deny, deny and keep on denying. He obviously has instructed his Cabinet to do the same.

Since his surprising win at the last election, (he even surprised himself) he has rightly believed that he can do no wrong in the eyes of the Quiet Australians. He most likely knows that quiet Australians are those that are not on Social Media.

There are also those noisy Australians that are ruled by Rupert Murdoch. When you hear those oddballs on Sky News saying outrageous things that even they couldn’t possibly believe, you know that someone is behind it, especially when they all say the same things. Rupert Murdoch is no fool; he loves fools though, as they are so easily persuaded. He supports the government that looks after the rich and who will do his bidding. This is the Liberal Party in Australia. It is any conservative party he has his talons in.

Australia will continue to decline, as long as the government of the day continue to lie and make false promises with no consequence. The Opposition must call out all lies and be very careful not to mislead the public in any way. They must learn to read the public’s wishes that will benefit the country and call out all wrongdoing by the government that is harming the country.

Anthony Albanese is not a strong leader. He is slow to call out the government’s wrongdoing. He is not strong on Climate Change and this is a public concern. He also needs a new set of dentures, so his voice can project clearly and decisively. If he continues to support new coal mines, he may as well join the Liberals.

It is everybody’s duty to be aware of government policies and the direction the Party is taking. It is up to you to know what is involved in the new religious laws soon to be inflicted on us. It will enable a small minority to do some horrible things and with no regard for those with no religious affiliation.

The new Home Office run by Peter Dutton is a dangerous scheme enabling the government to detain those that disagree with their policies. Anyone peacefully protesting against anything to do with government policies is at risk.

The more facial recognition, the more restrictions placed on us, the more miserable our lives become. The Liberal government has no regard for the poor, the aged, the disabled or the mentally ill. This is your fault, so suck it up. You should have ‘had a go’ and made a lot of money, and then we could respect you and help you make more. If you are poor, you do not have power and you will be trampled on and left for dead.

People who are well off are not affected, so they think everything is going well. But the truth is the Liberals are not good economic administrators. They have not made decisions that benefit the nation. The trickle-down effect does not work; this has been proven over and over again. Giving to the rich and the well-off does not stimulate the economy. Raising New Start will not only stimulate the economy, it will enable those without a job to get employment.

The bush fires opened many eyes as to how the LNP government works. The lack of care and dereliction of duty was on display and the public was not impressed. Even the Main Stream Media was unimpressed by the government’s lack of concern and slowness to act. This is ongoing and affected survivors are still left wanting through no fault of their own.

As long as governments ignore the needs of First Nation People; as long as they make policies that benefit government and not the country and its inhabitants and as long as religion over-rules secularism, this country will not prosper.

Every country needs a head of State that can over-rule a government when wrongdoing has occurred. As most know I have written five letters of complaint to the Governor-General and his reply was that he can’t get involved. Then who can? The answer as it stands, no one.


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