Coronavirus or Covid-19



I’m no expert, not a doctor, nor do I know any more than what’s been on the news. But I will say that the news broadcasts have been wrong at times. How do I know? It is because figures branded about have been conflicted. On January 28th 2020 it was reported on ABC 4,500 confirmed cases and 106 deaths. We have no idea if this is a correct figure. For a start 4,500 is a rounded-off figure; it could be less or more. And we heard later that the Chinese were slow to report and that the number of cases had been kept low so as not to scare people.

29.1.20 it was 6,000 confirmed and170 deaths.

31.1.20 it was 8,000 confirmed and 212 deaths.

1.2.20 it was 10,000 confirmed and 258 deaths.

2.2.20 it was 12,000 plus confirmed and 300 plus deaths.

4.2.20 it was 17,000 plus confirmed and 370 plus deaths.

Then on Feb 5th 2020, unless I heard incorrectly it was announced that it had jumped to 90,000 plus confirmed and 549 plus deaths.

But on Feb 7th , two days later, the number of confirmed had receded to 34,000 plus confirmed and 600 plus deaths. A Chinese doctor said that there could be as many as 50,000 each week or 1,000 every day. I wasn’t sure if he meant that it had been already and to expect that, or that he thought that it will escalate to that in the future.

11.2.20 I wrote down 40,000 plus confirmed and 1,000 plus deaths.

13.2.20   59,000 plus confirmed and 1,300 deaths.

15.2.20  70,000 plus confirmed and 202,000 deaths. This is a huge jump in just two days. These are all in China. But now we have figures that I have no idea if they are just China or including world wide.

It must be known that influenza has always been a killer. While the impact of flu varies, it places a substantial burden on the health of people in the United States each year. CDC estimates that influenza has resulted in between 9 million – 45 million illnesses, between 140,000 – 810,000 hospitalizations and between 12,000 – 61,000 deaths annually since 2010.

The AP has released a wrap of the current numbers. There are a total 81,002 confirmed cases around the world, and 2,762 dead. Is it likely that the death toll will exceed 61,000? Nobody knows.

This is as it stood on Wednesday 26th February:

Mainland China: 78,064 cases, 2,715 deaths, mostly in Hubei province.

South Korea: 1,146 cases, 11 deaths

Japan: 860 cases, including 691 from a cruise ship docked in Yokohama, 4 deaths

Italy: 323 cases, 11 deaths. Iran: 95 cases, 15 deaths. Singapore: 91 cases

Hong Kong: 81 cases, 2 deaths. Thailand: 37 cases. United States: 60 cases

Taiwan: 31 cases, 1 death. Australia: 23 cases. Malaysia: 22. Bahrain: 17

Vietnam: 16 cases. Germany: 17. United Arab Emirates: 13 cases

United Kingdom: 13. France: 14 cases, 1 death. Canada: 11. Kuwait: 11

Macao: 10 cases. Iraq: 5. Philippines: 3 cases, 1 death. India: 3. Spain: 6

Russia: 2. Israel: 2. Oman: 2. Austria: 2. Lebanon: 1. Belgium: 1. Nepal: 1

Sri Lanka: 1. Sweden: 1. Finland: 1. Egypt: 1.Nigeria:1.  Algeria: 1. Afghanistan: 1. Saharan Africa: 1. Croatia: 1. Lithuania 1. Switzerland: 1. New Zealand: 1.  Cambodia: 1.  Already these statistics will be out of date.

Now Cambodia only has one case, yet a cruise liner the Westerdam docked there and guests were not even quarantined and were allowed to leave the ship. But the Diamond Princess docked in the Japan’s port of Yokohama, 860 cases resulted and 4 deaths after two weeks of cabin quarantine. What did Japan do wrong and what did Cambodia do right?

More than 600 individuals on board the Diamond Princess Cruise ship off Japan tested positive for the coronavirus. There were 3,700 passengers and crew on the ship when it first docked off Japan.

409 of the 2,257 passengers and crew have left Cambodia for their homes across the globe. The rest remain in hotels in Phnom Penh, the capital, or on the ship, although I think everyone has now left the ship.

Prime Minister Hun Sen’s decision to allow the Westerdam cruise liner entry appeared to be political. He is the region’s longest-serving ruler and a close ally of China; he greeted the ship without a mask and advised his entourage to do the same. Are there coronavirus cases we don’t know about?

Second positive tests have  been reported in China and In Japan, a woman who had the virus and recovered has now tested positive for a second time

Australia’s emergency medical services are already stretched, and a pandemic could overwhelm them doctors warn.

Recently leaked comments attributed to Professor John Nicholls from the University of Hong Kong’s Department of Pathology suggest he believes weather conditions will be a key factor in the demise of the coronavirus. Professor Nicholls referenced the 2002–03 SARS outbreak and said environmental conditions – such as temperature, humidity and sunlight – are crucial factors in a virus’ ability to survive and infect people. While coronavirus can exist on surfaces for days, conditions such as temperature and humidity must be favourable. Covid-19 is primarily spread through close contact with someone who is infected he said.

It is now determined that the virus may take up to 30 days to incubate, which means those rescued from Wuhan, the city at the centre of the epidemic, and several other nearby cities may still be infectious.







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