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Hi, I am Eleana Winter-Irving, a very youthful 74 year old. I own land and work hard. I built my own 4 bedroom house with a little help from my friends and I still regularly use a chain saw, fell weed trees and chop firewood. I keep fit by working hard and I also love dancing. If I am not out dancing I am at home, not anything old fashioned like waltzes, lol. I am a freestyler. I read a lot, love photography and going to places I haven’t been to before. I have travelled extensively all over the world to more than 30 countries and lived in 6 different countries. I have 2 children, both girls and both happy with long term partners. I became a grandmother in 2012. I can’t say the same for myself. I seem to be unlucky with men. I am very warm and affectionate with the ‘right’ person. I have New Age leanings, but not over the top. I am a Gnostic, so I don’t follow any religion. Religion is for those who are lost and can’t rely on their conscience to guide them. Yes, I am different from most people, especially women my age. If you dare to follow my blogs you will quickly notice that they are usually controversial. That’s me, I am controversial. I date guys in their twenties and thirties. They find me attractive and I find them attractive. I won’t date someone I am not attracted to, though it doesn’t matter for friendships. I am not into sport at all, though I was hockey and netball captain at school year after year. I like most music, except for heavy metal, rock ‘n’ roll, country and western, hip hop and rap. I do like some hip hop and rap, depends on what they are saying. I was born in India, educated in England and Australia and now live permanently in Australia. I have no claim to academia, though I consider myself intelligent, not intellectual. If you can’t think of anything to comment on about any of my blogs, that’s fine with me. I know it’s difficult when a subject is unusual. I write to get people thinking and of course if you do have something to say, I am all ears, lol. One thing, I doubt you will be bored with any of my posts. Eleana


The title of my manuscript is Jarah Half a Novel. However I am open to suggestions. Jarah is a fictitious character and Eleana is me. Everything that I say about myself and my family is truth and everything I say … Continue reading

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From a spiritual point of view

I have had a gut full of the same sex marriage debate. All I ever hear is the YES advocates shoving their view down our throats 10 times a day on TV or radio, or some Christian old fogy saying … Continue reading

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My Views on the coming Vote in Oz

I would not want my child to go to a school where being gay is normalised. Homosexuality is not normal. The male must ‘fit’ into the female in the correct place that it was designed for. Anything else is forbidden. … Continue reading

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The god of the Christian bible

The god of the Christian bible If the Christian god really is a loving and awe inspiring god, why does this god do absolutely nothing for anyone? Christians call this god Father and say that he watches over us, but … Continue reading

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Why am I so Healthy at 74?

Any time I have criticised proponents of pharmaceuticals, I am abused, ridiculed and insulted. Of course the insults mean nothing to me as I know what I know and I am the one who is healthy, not them. So, I … Continue reading

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The World in Decline

I didn’t enjoy the 50’s at the time. I was a teenager and at school for most of it. But if I compare it to today, I know which I prefer. I had a difficult time with my parents. I … Continue reading

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Dodging Land Mines

I spend a fair amount of time online, much of it on Facebook. I only accept people as Friends with many things in common. They need to be on the same page, so that I can at least relate to … Continue reading

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